Lake Anna is for (Water) Lovers

Lake Anna
  As one of Virginia’s largest freshwater inland lakes, the lake covers over 20 square miles along a 225-mile shoreline. Located south of Washington, D.C. near Charlottesville and Fredericksburg, it is easily reachable from anywhere within the state of Virginia. As a reservoir for the North Anna Dam on the North Anna River, the lake serves as a source for cool, clean, fresh water that cools off the nuclear power plants at the North Anna Nuclear Generating Station that sits adjacent to the lake itself. With now more than 120 different communities along the shorelines of the lake, Lake Anna is home to an exciting and thriving waterfront population.
  Lake Life
  As a booming location for vacationers, secondary homeowners, as well as retirees, the lakefront has substantially increased in popularity within recent years. Offering up a variety of activities that extend just beyond the Lake Anna Landscaping of your very own backyard, many who call Lake Anna home, and vacationers alike, are easily occupied through the entertainment offered at ongoing events/festivals.
  Coming to the lake for a quick visit as a tourist, or visiting as a local resident? Either way, this is the perfect spot to come take your boat. The Lake Anna Marina offers a wide range of amenities that includes a convenient storage facilities with gas pumps, a tranquil picnic area, and a boating ramp for those feeling adventurous.
  Offering excellent seafood options, there is never a reason to have time off from one of the most popular sports here, as this reservoir is one of the few locations that is a true four-season fishery. Unlike many other locales, where there are months off, here it is active year-round. Because of the power station nearby, the water flowing into the lake is warmer than that of the outside region, making the water an ideal temperature for catching game.
  Water Skiing
  A perfect place to come enjoy water skiing, with warm waters and the entire Chesapeake Bay open to skiers, there is no reason to not have at it. The lake is a freshwater body, so this means zero corrosion on boats and boards, and no skin irritations or worries of pesky jellyfish. As a safe harbor for enthusiasts, the lake provides an excellent habitat for those out enjoying their visit to this beautiful region while doing a bit of sporting.
  The state park offers a fantastic freshwater swimming beach easily accessible from the rest of the state, and for most, no more than a 90-minute drive. Also near is a fishing pond that is accessible for those with disabilities or those with children, with a bathhouse close by, as well as boat launching facilities, pontoon rides, picnicking, and hiking within the vicinity.
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  As one of the most popular lakes in Virginia, Anna is the ideal vacation destination for anything outdoor and water related. Whether you prefer water skiing, boating, fishing, or swimming, the freshwater at Anna is sure to please all of your family members and friends. If you are looking for a great water weekend getaway, but waterparks aren't your thing, pack up and head to Lake Anna, Virginia's water paradise!