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Simple and Cost Effective Drainage Fixes

At Greensward LLC we have had an increasing number of inquires related to residential storm water management, solving drainage problems in yards, grading to prevent wet basements and controlling erosion. The weather in central Virginia has resembled that of a tropical rainforest which makes drainage issues particularly more noticeable.

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Old-Fashioned Virginia Shrubs to Give Your Landscape Charm

Virginia is known for classic gardens and beautiful native plants.  Check out the following plants to bring old-fashioned charm to your backyard:

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Beautiful Winter Blossoming Plants

Oriental Paperbush- Edgeworthia chrysanthia  This large shrub/small tree is not very interesting for the remainder of the year, but its fragrant winter/early spring blossoms earn it a spot in any garden.  Creamy-white tiny flowers begin to open in late February in Virginia locations, before its leaves appear.  Within a few days the entire plant will be covered with these bundles of blossoms.  T

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Featured Grower- Sandy's Plants

While most of our growers are wholesale only, Sandy's Plants, located in Mechanicsville, VA offers retail on-site sales.  If you are a novice gardener, you should check out the plant selector wizard on their website,  This helpful tool assists you in discovering which varieties will flourish in your conditions.  The

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Extend Your Living Space With an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens aren’t just for Hollywood chefs or celebrities anymore. They’re actually becoming a popular upgrade to the average patio and deck. And although they no longer reserved for the rich and famous, the features of these kitchens are rather luxurious, including built-in grills, sinks plumbed to accommodate subzero temperatures, and under counter refrigerators.

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How to Remedy Your Eroding Embankment With Shrubs and Ground Cover

Clients frequently approach me with this question: “I have a steep embankment, which I hate to mow, got any ideas on how to deal with it?” Well, there are several good solutions that don’t involve string trimmers, herbicide, and heartburn for the rest of your life. In fact, there are several species of plants that can turn an eroding embankment into a stable slope.

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Retaining Wall Options for Steep Embankments

In my last post, I addressed plant options for steep, eroding embankments. Like I mentioned, plants are only effective in situations where the embankment is less than a 40% grade. For steeper embankments, excavation and retaining walls are the only options. Although pricey, retaining walls are highly effective, and they can actually be an elegant addition to your property.

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The Complete Homeowner’s Guide to Outdoor Lighting

Implementing a professionally designed landscape feature is one of the best things you can do to improve your home’s daytime appearance and atmosphere. And to carry over those same aesthetic benefits to the evening and nighttime, outdoor lighting is the perfect solution.

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Conserve Water and Reduce Maintenance With Drought Tolerant Species

Updated 7/13/2018 with additional resources

Dealing with drought is one of the toughest parts of maintaining an outdoor landscape, especially in notoriously dry areas like northern and southwestern Virginia. Without regular showers, you’re often forced to water your landscape by hand, which can be time consuming and costly.

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Everything You Should Know About Fertilization: Lawns, Shrubs, and More

Have you ever found yourself confused with how to fertilize your lawn and outdoor plants? If so, you should know that the process isn’t as hard as it seems. With some basic guidance and a little work, you can give your plants everything they need to thrive and grow beautifully. Use our total guide to fertilization in order to care for your lawn, trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials.

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The owner of Greensward, Andrew, was able to take that vision and expand on it to create a space that I will enjoy for many years to come.  I was more than impressed with the depth of Andrew's knowledge of the business and most of all I was impressed with his attention to detail.  What was before just an empty yard has been transformed into a beautiful landscape design.

Justin A. - Charlottesville, VA