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Touring a Virtual 3D Pool Design

It's time to join us for another tour of a virtual backyard pool space!  Walk through this space and then check out the details on what might be included in a typical design contract below:



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Walking Through A Lake Anna Landscape

Today we are taking a little walking tour of a project completed a few years ago.  The plants have had time to mature and we just finished a spring maintenance, so the mulch is fresh off our trucks, the beds have crisp edges, and the river rock bed is newly cleaned.  Sit back and enjoy!  Are your plantings needing a refreshing or a complete refurbishment?  Our skilled softscape crews can help! 

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What Does a Design Process Look Like?

Many of our clients have never worked with a Landscape Architect before, and aren't sure what to expect.  If that's you, here's a quick walk-through of what a design process will look like:

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Building Your Pool- What to Expect

We receive numerous calls each spring from homeowners dreaming of swimming in a new pool in July.  Many have never built a pool, and aren't aware of the complex scheduling involved in planning prior to construction.  Pools are a major investment into your home and deserve to be well thought out.  At Greensward we collaborate with the best pool builders

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Top Landscape Maintenance Questions- Why We Don’t Recommend Rock Mulch or Landscape Fabric

Recently we received an inquiry about maintaining flower beds.  The homeowner had finally gotten control over her unruly yard by putting down landscape fabric and gravel mulch in all her flower beds.  Weeding took 5 minutes, so that’s a win, right?  Unfortunately, these are short term solutions that will result in long-term problems. 


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Simple and Cost Effective Drainage Fixes

At Greensward LLC we have had an increasing number of inquires related to residential storm water management, solving drainage problems in yards, grading to prevent wet basements and controlling erosion. The weather in central Virginia has resembled that of a tropical rainforest which makes drainage issues particularly more noticeable.

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Old-Fashioned Virginia Shrubs to Give Your Landscape Charm

Virginia is known for classic gardens and beautiful native plants.  Check out the following plants to bring old-fashioned charm to your backyard:

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Beautiful Winter Blossoming Plants

Oriental Paperbush- Edgeworthia chrysanthia  This large shrub/small tree is not very interesting for the remainder of the year, but its fragrant winter/early spring blossoms earn it a spot in any garden.  Creamy-white tiny flowers begin to open in late February in Virginia locations, before its leaves appear.  Within a few days the entire plant will be covered with these bundles of blossoms.  T

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Featured Grower- Sandy's Plants

While most of our growers are wholesale only, Sandy's Plants, located in Mechanicsville, VA offers retail on-site sales.  If you are a novice gardener, you should check out the plant selector wizard on their website,  This helpful tool assists you in discovering which varieties will flourish in your conditions.  The

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I would (and have) recommend Greensward LLC to anyone that wanted landscaping, paving, retaining walls, fireplaces, fire pits or pavilions. Words cannot adequately describe our satisfaction with Greensward LLC and the end product that we received. We are at the pavilion daily and enjoy sitting around the fire pit and fireplace with friends and family while the kids play in the pool.

Tom- Spotsylvania, VA