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Everything You Should Know About Fertilization: Lawns, Shrubs, and More

Have you ever found yourself confused with how to fertilize your lawn and outdoor plants? If so, you should know that the process isn’t as hard as it seems. With some basic guidance and a little work, you can give your plants everything they need to thrive and grow beautifully. Use our total guide to fertilization in order to care for your lawn, trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials.

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Outdoor Fire Elements: Which is Best for You?

When the sun starts setting early and the evenings get cool and crisp, folks often consider adding a fire feature to their outdoor living space. There are several different types of fire features that can provide warmth, ambience, and beauty to any outdoor space.

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Deicing Salt can Damage your Concrete

Magnesium chloride and Calcium chloride are two common salts whose ions react with the calcium hydroxide and calcium silicate hydroxide which do the binding in concrete. Another common deicer is Rock salt (halite) which is basically sodium chloride and is much less reactive with concrete.

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I hired Andrew and his crew at Greensward LLC to build me a patio. What I got was an amazing outdoor retreat--more than what I imagined. Andrew's design came to life on paper.  I can't say enough about their professionalism, timeliness, and workmanship. The BEST!

Angela- Haymarket, VA