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Transform Your Outdoor Living Experience

and Create a Dream Backyard

To schedule a complete Design-Build Consultation with a Landscape Architect call 540-825-7570

Greensward LLC, is a landscaping company based in Culpeper, VA. Our Registered Landscape Architects provide professional landscape design and landscaping installation services in Northern and Central Virginia. Greensward, LLC. is a Virginia Class A Building Contractor specializing in the design, building, and maintaining of patios, pool houses, pavilions, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, three seasons rooms, porches, gardens, landscape lighting, and natural landscapes. Our portfolio includes work in Warrenton, Gainesville, Haymarket, Lake Anna, Fredericksburg, and Charlottesville.

Design Logo
Design Logo

We begin the landscaping process with an on-site Consultation. We discuss your vision for the site and design goals to determine how we can best help you. During the consult we can provide insight into developing a budget that will accomplish your goals. We do charge a consultation fee. If our company and your project are a good fit then we will proceed with creating a professional hand drawn master plan. We will also prepare estimates for your review. If you like our proposal, then we will sign a contract, the design becomes yours, and we will proceed to construction.


Build Logo
Build Logo

Our ability to serve you from concept to completion insures that your project will be completed in the way it was designed, without contractor shortcuts or excessive delays. We offer a wide range of expertise in building patios, retaining walls, water gardens, decks, arbors, balustrades, outdoor grills, perennial gardens, fences, landscape lighting and much more. We also have relationships with wholesale nurseries, hard good distributors, electricians, and other trades necessary to bring your project to completion. Our team is ready to take your plan from paper to reality.


Maintain Logo
Maintain Logo

For some clients a Spring and Fall cleanup that includes pruning, weed control, cultivating, mulching, fertilizing, debris removal and edging is just enough to make gardening the rest of the year tenable and enjoyable.Others prefer a more intensive maintenance program that leaves more time for leisure and less for landscape care. Let us develop a maintenance plan that’s right for your lifestyle.


Why Choose Greensward, LLC.

  • - Beautiful, harmonious, and timeless landscape design
  • - Fully warrantied construction and contracting
  • - Our President and Registered Landscape Architect's 15+ years experience

Landscape Design in Virginia

Culpeper, VA, Warrenton, VA, Gainesville, VA, Haymarket, VA, Leesburg, VA, Fredricksburg, VA, Madison, VA, Charlottesville, VA, Orange, VA, Lake Anna, VA, Bumpass, VA

Landscape Design Portfolio


Andrew Cutright

Culpeper Landscape Architect

Our team is led by our Landscape Architect and President, Andrew Cutright. Andrew has a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture and a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech, and is licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Registered Landscape Architect. He brings over 20 years of experience in Landscape Design, Horticulture, Construction, Irrigation and Stone Masonry.  In addition to his education, Andrew has toured gardens throughout the United States, Italy, and Mexico.  What does all this mean for your project? All of these skill sets are critical to the successful execution of the vision & design of your landscaping project. You can rest assured your project is safe in the hands of an experienced Landscape Architect and expect to reap the associated benefits.

  • Professional Design: Your landscape will reflect the professional you chose to work with. 
  • Financial Stability: Our contracts are detailed and accurate and we stand by our contracts.

Licensure and Membership Includes:

  • Registered Landscape Architect - State of Virginia 
  • Landscape Contractor - State of Virginia 
  • Building Contractor - State of Virginia 
  • Pesticide Applicator - State of Virginia 
  • ICPI Certified Paver Installer 
  • Member of American Society of Landscape Architects

We believe in the creation of a design that promotes the well-being and enjoyment of our clients. We believe in well-built landscape design that will respect and improve the existing architecture, landscape, and environment. It is our goal to create spaces that are beautiful, harmonious, and timeless and, to that end, we like to use fine materials that will stand the test of time. And, most importantly, we believe in our work and stress the integrity in our construction methods. We support this philosophy as a promise to you by warranting our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Greensward LLC. is a design-build landscaper in Culpeper, VA. We are fully equipped, qualified, and prepared to take care of every step of the landscaping installation process. We have a Registered Landscape Architect on staff to ensure you receive a professional design that will best suite your site and lifestyle. From designing to installation, we have got you covered.

Andrew Cutright, Landscape Architect and president of Greensward, has over 15 years of experience in landscape design, horticulture, construction, irrigation, and stone masonry. Our team is professionally qualified and experienced.

Yes. Greensward is a fully warrantied construction and contracting business. We are fully-licensed and certified.

Yes. Greensward employees are covered by worker’s compensation insurance, in full compliance with the state rules and regulations.

Yes. Our president, Andrew Cutright, has a Bachelor's degree in Horticulture and a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech. If you’re searching for beautiful, custom, quality designs, look no further than Andrew.

We will not rest until the job is finished. You can rely on Greensward to provide you with quality service that you can trust. We believe in our work, guaranteeing that you will love the completed product.

Yes. Once your consultation is complete and it is decided that our company and your project are a good fit, we will create a master plan. We offer different tiers of design service, from a B6 sketch to computer 3-D design. Your plan will come with pricing estimates. From there, if you like our proposal, we will sign a contract, the design becomes yours, and the construction phase will begin.

Our design team strives to promote the well-being and enjoyment of our clients. We believe in our work and stress the integrity in our construction methods. All work that we complete for you is warranted to meet building codes and industry standards set by the ICPI.

All of our materials are of fine quality and built to stand the test of time. We use a variety of equipment, depending on the task that needs to be completed. This includes:

- Hand Tools
- Pruning shears, hedge trimmers, shovels, rakes, and more.
- Power Tools
- Leaf blowers, gas, electric hedge trimmers, etc.
- Heavy Equipment
- Tillers, tractors, mowers, skid steers, backhoes and more.
- Personal Protective Equipment
- We are committed to our employees’ safety. We provide them with masks, hearing protection, and safety harnessing, as well as having our management take classes to stay up to date on OSHA standards. We take safety very seriously at Greensward.

Absolutely! We are incredibly proud of all of the work we have completed over the years. You can view our previous projects on our portfolio page.

Yes. If you would like more information regarding our landscape referrals, please contact us.

Yes. Our process begins with an on-Site Consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss your vision and goals for the site and determine the design direction you would like to go. We can also provide insight into developing a budget that will accomplish your goals. There is a consultation fee.

The level of maintenance will depend upon your lifestyle and garden goals. For some clients, a Spring and Fall cleanup is just enough to make gardening the rest of the year tenable and enjoyable. However, other clients prefer a more intensive maintenance program that leaves them with more time for leisure. We will develop a plan that is best for you.

We frequently use nearby nurseries such as Sandy’s Plants and Colesville Nursery in Ashland, Va. Unlike many landscaping companies that order plants sight unseen, our Landscape Architects often personally choose plants from the nursery to ensure we get the best specimen. We also have a relationship with wholesale nurseries, ensuring that every plant, tree, and shrub we install is in good health.

Yes. Many of our projects include installing retaining walls or paved areas. We hire ICPI certified crew leaders whenever possible and train our staff using ICPI classes to ensure that our patios and walls will stand the test of time. It is essential when installing these hard scapes to be sure that the base preparation is done properly. One thing that sets our company apart is our dedication to thoroughly prepare a site before installing pavers or stone.

We employ several hardscape crews, a landscape planting crew, and subcontract with a number of the best professionals near Culpeper including masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and roofing companies. We also work with local pool builders to bring together some of our more complex projects. We will never hire a subcontractor who is not properly licensed or insured for the task they are accomplishing.

This is determined on a case by cases basis. Greensward will build and install landscape, as long as the weather provides adequate conditions for the integrity of the work being completed and the safety of our team members. Most years we install hardscape projects throughout the winter months because the Virginia climate is so mild.

We take into account your goals and ideas for the site, as well as your lifestyle. We also believe that landscape design must respect and improve the existing architecture, landscape, and environment. With all of these aspects in mind, we strive to design your ideal landscape. Our designs strive to promote the well-being and enjoyment of our clients.

Most of our installations will look developed in three years and upward. We try not to over plant spaces, because this leads to clients spending a lot of money removing plants they just paid to have installed. Of course, the garden is not static- it will require changes over time and development. We warrantee plants for one year, because that’s the amount of time it will take for them to become established. Our landscape professionals will be happy to help you troubleshoot any plant issues you already have, can give guidance on correct watering schedules and fertilization. A once or twice a year cleanup can keep your plants properly pruned and trimmed so that they develop healthy forms.

What a good experience! The men were hard working and skilled, of good character, respectful, punctual, friendly, and caring. We were extremely pleased with the completed job.

Linda- Lake Anna, VA