Bringing Interior Decorating Outdoors

Does your outdoor living space feel cold or incomplete?  It could be that you’re overlooking the aspects of interior design that “finish” your patio or deck and truly create an extension of your home. Check out our tips bringing interior decorating outdoors, and making your outdoor living space welcoming and inviting.

Tip 1- Create Rooms

The first step is to consider your spaces as “rooms” even if they don’t have walls. Perhaps you have an outdoor kitchen bar, and then a wide open patio with a fireplace at the end. There may be space to have a “dining room” with a large table, or perhaps you want to create a bistro feel around the bar. Choosing rooms will bring clarity to your space.

Tip 2- Choose a Color Palette

Don’t go shopping until you’ve chosen a palette. Neutrals can make holiday touches easy to incorporate- choosing beige, black and white can lend themselves well to either the reds of Christmas or the pastels of Easter. For the more adventurous, a solid green carried throughout the space can be complemented by cobalt blue accessories in the kitchen and vibrant tropical prints on your patio furniture in the living space. Spare modern design looks best with a few bold focal pieces. Whatever style you choose, create an underlying consistency in your furniture and décor to make the most of your statement pieces.

Tip 3- Think Vertically

Every space needs a few vertical elements. This could be a taller chair, potted topiary, even decorative patio heaters provide height and interest. Ultimately, what makes your home so inviting are the small elements. A couch looks out of place without coordinating throw pillows of varying sizes. Rugs pull together furniture into groupings and allow them to feel grounded. Sizing matters as well. The scale of an outdoor space will make everything feel smaller than usual. Rugs should fit under the front legs of the furniture in the living spaces and extend past chair back legs in dining situations. For your outdoor kitchen, a favorite potted herb on the counter, a runner rug underfoot and perhaps a decorative cutlery tray will warm up the space and make it feel welcoming. Groupings of potted plants will soften the corners. Candles, small statuary or lanterns add a finishing touch to the fireplace, end tables or counters.