Touring a Virtual 3D Pool Design

It’s time to join us for another tour of a virtual backyard pool space!  Walk through this space and then check out the details on what might be included in a typical design contract below:

When you hire a Landscape Architect to design your outdoor living space, you’ll receive an agreement in advance covering all the elements that will be designed.  A potential design agreement might look like the following:

The Landscape Master Plan design will include the following elements-

Existing features such as house, garage, water bodies, key existing trees, fences and driveway will be represented.  House will have enough detail for reference but may not have all windows and doors shown. · A free form pool being at least 1000sq ft with swim up bar and bench feature, large tanning shelf, deep end, sheer descent, raised bond beam, hot tub and possible water fall or other visual feature. · Pool deck will be design for travertine application. · A conceptual pool house and pavilion design with outdoor kitchen cooking space will be included. Design may not include all architectural details and lighting. · Deck will be redesigned on house to create transition to pool area. · Proposed sidewalks, patios, paths, fire pit and seat walls with suggested materials will be represented.  Outdoor “rooms” or spaces for entertaining and dining will be included.  Transition from parking area to backyard will be included. · Pool fence location will be shown. · Furniture will be added to design to show scale and suggest layout. · Primary landscape plantings with trees and planter beds will be detailed  shown conceptually.  The planting may not include all perennials.  The deliverable drawings will be:

(6) 3D pictures from key vantage points taken in the design and printed on 11×17 in color
(1) Digital fly through movie of designed space

(3) 2D layout plans with dimensions for use during construction printed on 24×36

These details vary from client to client, and pricing is based on the amount of details you want and need in your own design package.  If you’re considering starting the process of designing your exceptional outdoor living space, give us a call at 540-825-7570 and we can help you get started on the process of having your own master plan done.