What Does a Design Process Look Like?

Many of our clients have never worked with a Landscape Architect before, and aren’t sure what to expect. If that’s you, here’s a quick walk-through of what a design process will look like:

We begin every project with an on-site meeting. This takes 30 minutes for a small project, and about an hour for a master plan. During this time we walk through the space, and cover questions about your lifestyle, entertaining preferences, family needs, assess soil and drainage issues, cover aesthetic preferences and give guidance on budget concerns.

With this information, the designer will send you a written design agreement, which will lay out all the options that will be included in your design. Once we receive the deposit and signature, the designer will begin drawing up the base plan (home and surrounding space) and then start laying out the hardscape and structures.  With the hardscape complete, they’ll choose plantings to complete the design for phase one. At this point, the homeowner and designer meet at our office to look over the preliminary design and give feedback. Once the feedback is incorporated, the homeowner is presented with the final drawings, videos, and will have hardcopy print outs. The homeowner will also receive a written estimate for the project’s installation, along with suggested phases.

This video is an example of a mid-design meeting presentation for a project near Spotsylvania, VA. Once the homeowner’s feedback is incorporated into it, this project will come to life on the shoreline of Lake Anna.